Social Realism

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Social realism is a genre of film that focuses on topical issues alive in a modern society, which is represented by different ideologies. Themes such as money, drugs, prostitution and sex are quite usual in modern contemporary social realism film as well as class, religion and political views.  It is a naturalistic realism focusing specifically on social issues and the hardships of everyday life. These themes are very popular today but not all were involved in the early social realism story lines and films.

Forms and conventions of social realist films:

the use of unknown actors – this makes the film seem more realistic because the actors could be anyone

the use of social class – usually deal with the working class

the locations of filming – usually set around a council estate or run down areas of different cities…however can be nice neighbourhoods

issues about drugs, sex, poverty, prostitution, homosexuality, alcoholism and crime

political views addressed

religious views addressed

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