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Ideology can be described as the ideas behind a media text, the secret (or sometimes not-so-secret) agenda of its producers. Also as a set of attitudes, beliefs and values held in common by a group of people and culturally reproduced within that community to sustain its particular way in life. Ideologies can be described as dominant, subservient, oppositional depending on their status within a society. e. capitalism, communism, Christianity and Islam. Ideology is a body of ideas or set of beliefs that underpins a process or institution and leads to social relations. These sets of beliefs are those held by the ruling/dominant groups.

Ideological Discourse – These are the issues/attitudes debated over in the Media which form part of the everyday ideological discourse in our society. The views taken on these subjects form the basis of our social rules and practice:


(mediaknowall) (AS/A-Level Media Studies Dictionary – David Probert 2005)(


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