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Short Films

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My understanding of a short film – “A short film is around 10 minutes long that is aimed at a more niche audience that a full feature film. One of these films us typically more experimental that formulaic. It is rarely screened and has a small number of cast members featuring in it. The budget of a short film is significantly lower that that of a full feature film and this is because not as much filming time is needed.”

a short film…defined by its length? – though the term ‘short film’ might be applied to any film of less that standard film duration (90-120 minutes), a consensus is emerging within the industry at the start of the 21st century that a short should be no longer that 40 minutes. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards its Oscars to short films of up to this length.

a short film…defined by its content? – short fiction fils might be considered as the literary equivalent of the poem or short story; if the feature film has come represent the novel. The best short films are, according to Gareth Evans, ‘crystalline creations of precise, prismatic intensity’. Short films is ‘a good idea, succinctly told. Less is more’.

a short film…defined by its form? – as far as the content of short films is concerned, there is the same variety and diversity that their longer-length counterparts provide. Short films can b fiction or non-fiction, and might be individual enterprises or collaborative endeavours. Ultimately, the forms and functions of the short film is perhaps its greatest asset; it crosses the boundaries of all categories of film production, as is manifest in film of quality in the forms of propaganda, advertising, documentary, music, video, animation and avant garde film.

a short film…defined by vocational? – short film production has long been a laboratory for experimentation and innovation. For many of those who have worked on successful short films, their ‘visions of light’ have been a passport to the vocations associated with feature-length production work. SHort films are often included on the showreel portfolios that are considered to be an apprenticeship for professional filmmaking.

(Symon Quy British Film Institute Publications 2007)



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A text is classified in a genre through the identification of key elements which occur in that text and in others of the same genre. These elements may be referred to as paradigms, and range from costume to music to plot points to font (depending on the medium). Audiences recognise these paradigms, and bring a set of expectations to their reading of the text accordingly: the criminal will be brought to justice at the end of the police thriller. These paradigms may be grouped into those relating to iconography (ie the main signs and symbols that you see/hear),structure (the way a text is put together and the shape it takes) and theme (the issues and ideas it deals with).    (


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During editing this photo, i was experimenting with different colours and i enabled some settings and this is what the result of this was. I am very pleased with the way this photo turned out because theres is a good contrast between       f/36 1/8