In the Wind

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

This shot uses one main technique used in photography to create an effective photo and this is the use of foreground and background. Taking this photo was very hard because it was very windy and this obviously made the flowers sway a lot and it was very hard to capture them to look still. I placed the camera on a high shutter speed (1/2000) and this eliminated any camera shake of movement paths of the flowers. I used a manual focus to allow me to choose a point of focus and in this shot i wanted it to be the flowers in the middle of the screen. This also resulted in the flowers becoming more out of focus the further they were away from camera lens. I believe this creates a very effective shot because your eyes are immediately drawn the the flowers in the middle and because they are very sharp, this adds to the creativity of the shot.

  1. A. Morris says:

    Another very good effort Elliott. What was the aperture setting and what effect did this create?

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