Rembrandt Josh

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

This picture demonstrates two obvious techniques used in film and photography. This first one is the rule of thirds. I placed the subject (face) on the right hand side of the frame with an empty space on the left of the shot. This would be a very effective place to place titles or if there was a background, an antagonist or something else of importance. The second technique used in the shot was the use of Rembrandt style side lighting. Using this type of lighting places half the subject in the light and half the subject in darkness, and this creates a very masculine looking figure which empowers the individual and makes them seem more threatening.

To create this shot, I had the camera on a 2 second shutter speed and placed it on a tri-pod to reduce camera shake during the shot. I also used an external flash to create the side lighting on the subject. After about a second of the shutter being open, I flashed the light on the left hand side of josh and this lit the left hand side of his body whilst the right side remained hid from the light. During the editing process, I took the exposure down to -0.20, kept the contrast and saturation at 50 but increased the temperature of the picture to 32 and enabled the ‘sepia’ setting. Increasing the temperature created a warm glow to the face and made the light side of the subject come out more yellow and I feel this made the increased the contrast between the light and the dark.

  1. A. Morris says:

    Good comments for this photograph Josh. Make sure you proofread your writing thoroughly. Your last sentence needs rewriting. It’s probably a good idea to produce all your writing in Word first then import it.

  2. A. Morris says:

    Good Elliott! Don’t forget, your grammar and spelling should be perfect so it is probably a good idea to complete your written work on Word first and then don’t forget to proofread carefully.

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